How To Fix A Noisy Laptop Fan? 6 Simple Fixes

How To Fix A Noisy Laptop Fan? 6 Simple Fixes

Do you hear a loud, buzzing noise coming from your laptop? Then the problem might be the laptop fan. You’re not alone! Many people are frustrated with their laptop fan making noise and wish they knew How To Fix A Noisy Laptop Fan?

Quick tips to fix noisy laptop fan

  • Remove the Dust
  • Remove Malware
  • Close Unnecessary Processes
  • Elevate Your Laptop To fix Laptop’s buzzing noise  
  • Laptop Coolers Counter the Loud Laptop Fans
  • Replace the Thermal Paste 

The laptop fan is an important part of your computer, it helps keep the processor cool and functioning at its best, but it can be annoying for you, or for those around you when you use your laptop in a crowded place.

Luckily, there are DIY fixes to help you fix a loud laptop fan.

List of Ways, How to Fix Laptop Fan Noise

Below are some of the simplest and easy-to-achieve DIY techniques for fixing a noisy laptop fan. Let’s get started. 

1. Remove the Dust 

Fixing noisy laptop fan: Remove the Dust

Dust is among the most common causes of laptop fan noise.

That’s because dust is often compressed into your fan by the action of spinning blades and then flung through the air, providing an excellent opportunity to accumulate in hard-to-reach places inside your computer.

As dust accumulation, it can block your laptop’s fan blades. This will make the fan work harder and make more noise.

To make sure that your laptop is always in perfect condition, try to clean the fan. You should do this at least once a year.

The good part is that you don’t need to purchase any fancy equipment.

You can use the screwdriver to remove your laptop’s case and prepare it for a thorough clean. 

To fix this problem you can follow these steps:

Firstly you have to switch off your laptop.

Flip the laptop to its backside and remove its battery. There, you will find the screws. Remove them and carefully lift off the cover from your laptop.

Look for dirt in different places: below space between keyboard and screen, around fans on top of the motherboard.

If any dirt is found there, clean it with a cloth.

It may be difficult to spot dust inside your CPU fan which can cause noise issues too, but fortunately, that’s even easier to fix than cleaning other parts of the laptop.

With the help of a small screwdriver just remove the back cooling panel from one side (right or left) and then use a compressed air sprayer to blow through all fan blades.

This way dust particles should get blown away so they won’t accumulate again after resuming operation.

Be careful not to open a laptop’s fan too much or you might damage the fins.

If your laptop is still noisy after this troubleshooting, then it may require a replacement, or it’s better You should take it to someone who knows how to fix this.

2. Remove Malware

Fixing noisy laptop fan: Remove Malware

If you want your laptop to stay in perfect condition, you need to install antivirus software on it.

But If you do not have virus protection software on your computer, then your laptop can be affected by different kinds of malware.

you’re probably familiar with the many warnings about how malware can slow down your machine and make it noisy.

but what you may not know is that a malicious program could be causing your laptop to become noisy or overheating as well as increase the CPU usage.

If your laptop is affected by malware, You will notice that it gets loud and an increase in fan speed.

To check that you are not affected by malware, you can run a complete virus scan with your preferred antivirus software.

If the results come back clean, then you’re in good shape and don’t need to worry about noisy laptop fan problems anymore.

However, if the scans find something suspicious on your machine that may be causing it to get hot or become noisy.

Then we recommend removing the malware as soon as possible so that it doesn’t cause any permanent damage to your computer hardware.

If you do not have an antivirus on your laptop, get one.

There are many free programs that you can download. For more protection, get the premium version.

You might pay a few dollars for premium service, but your laptop performance will thank you for it.

After this run, it will get rid of any viruses that could be making your laptop fan noisy. Also, this software will keep a check on background processes and tell you if any of them is consuming more power than necessary.

if this fix didn’t work, then it’s time to take it to the shop. so that it can be looked at by an expert.

3.  Close Unnecessary Processes

Fixing noisy laptop fan: Close Unnecessary Processes

if you are running unnecessary processes or programs on your laptop that consume a lot of resources.

These processes will end up using your laptop fan excessively and make it noisy when the computer is in use.

So you have to stop all unnecessary processes that are running on your laptop. You will have to access the task manager if you are using windows.

Also, you can do this on your laptop by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL, open the task manager, and you will have a list of all the running programs on your desktop computer.

You can stop these unnecessary processes by right-clicking their name and clicking “End Process” or just press ALT + F which is for the end task. 

Also you have to avoid opening more than one process at a time because it will increase the load on your system.

For example watching a movie, playing a game, or running software will speed up your laptop fan and make it noisy if you open more than one of these at the same time.

 4. Elevate Your Laptop To fix Laptop’s buzzing noise  

Elevate Your Laptop To fix Laptop's buzzing noise

You can fix a loud laptop fan by elevating it.

Place a book or something else under your laptop to elevate the bottom of the device.

This would allow air to circulate beneath it, reducing heat buildup in what is likely causing the laptop fan noise.

-The only problem with this fix is that you’ll need some sort of elevation each time you want to use your computer on different surfaces, such as an office desk versus a coffee table.”

You can also buy elevation tools that will fit on top of your laptop and allow it to be used at a variety of heights.

-One popular brand is Lap Desk, which has an adjustable height from about 15 inches to 27 inches high.”

Even if you don’t have any noisy fans, consider buying an elevation tool to prevent it in the future.

 5. Laptop Coolers Counter the Loud Laptop Fans

If you hear some grinding noises coming from the fans, it could be because of a buildup of dust. You will also notice the fan emitting hot air. A quick fix to this problem is getting an additional cooler for your laptop and placing it below the one currently in use.

Laptop coolers counter the hot air coming out of the loud laptop fan. You would notice a decrease in noise.

The laptop cooler must be placed under the fan. You will see a grill at the bottom of the laptop. The opening on this grill is where you want to place your standalone laptop cooler.

Now your computer should work better because you have fans that are working. People with laptops should get coolers for their computers to protect them in the future.

 6. Replace the Thermal Paste 

Fixing noisy laptop fan: Replace the Thermal Paste

One of the most common fixes for noisy laptop fans is changing out the thermal paste.

Simply put, thermal paste fills in all those little crevices that are not filled by your CPU and heatsink.

Its job is to help conduct heat more evenly from one component to another as well as fill up any gaps so you can have a better transfer rate between them.

If it dries out or deteriorates over time then it will cause an increase in noise due to less contact with both components.

This means they aren’t transferring heat efficiently which could be heating up other parts on your computers like the motherboard and RAM modules too!

This quick fix may save you some money down the line if your computer is already loud.

if you have never done this before, it’s about as easy as using toothpaste.

The only “tricky” part is ensuring you have the right amount of thermal paste on hand for a new installation.

If you’re still having problems, then your next move may be to get a professional to do it for you.. 

Other Multiple Methods to fix noisy laptop fans 

To keep your laptop running optimally, there are many ways to fix a noisy fan.

There is no reason you can’t do all of the things listed to fix a noisy laptop fan.

An easy way would be closing all programs that may contribute to the noise and elevating it so air can circulate better.

Getting malware is also an option for optimum maintenance of the machine which will prevent future problems down the line.

In general, keep your machine running well now and in the future, you have to perform each and every method.

if non of the above fix helps you then the replacement fan would be a good choice, but most laptops can be fixed through these hacks, if you have an old laptop then you can go for a replacement of the fan.

Fix Hard Drive Failure 

If none of the above fixes work for you then it means the noise is coming from the hard drive, or it could be a sign of hard drive failure.

if this is the case then it’s important to back up all data immediately and replace the hard drive.

The grinding, whirring, and clicking sounds could sign of the hard drive on its last legs, so it’s important to act fast.

You should never delay a possible hardware replacement if you are hearing these kinds of noises and have no other fixes available.

Final thoughts

Noisy laptop fan is a common issue for many computer users. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem.

The first thing is to let your machine sit on a flat hard surface and not keep it in the same position all day long.

Then clean the internal components with compressed air or an appropriate vacuum cleaner attachment if necessary.

You should also allow any running processes to finish before turning off your computer by using CTRL+ALT+DEL.

These can be causing background noise that will remain when you turn off the device.

Lastly, always run reliable antivirus software so that you don’t have malware slowing down your laptop while simultaneously creating more sounds from inside of it.

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Why is my laptop fan suddenly so loud?

If you have been experiencing increased noise from the laptop fan, there can be a number of reasons behind it.
Dust Accumulation
Running heavy duty games
Laptop Vents might be covered
Thermal paste

How do you fix a laptop fan noise?

Above, we have discussed the fixes in detail, Here we will summarize them for you.
Use cooling fans to dissipate heat, you can also try cooling baseplates.
End unnecessary background running processes
To prevent overheating, use the laptop in a cold environment
Elevate the laptop so there can be proper airflow through vents.
Remove malware
Replace the thermal paste, most important for powerful gaming laptops

How do I lubricate my laptop fan?

If your laptop fan making noise to an unbearable level, lubricating it would be your best bid to fix this problem.
Consult the laptop’s system cooling policy first as some machines require special tools. Makers of MacBooks, for example, advise popping off the bottom of the device and unscrewing a tiny black screw in order to get at a softer silicone paste that can be dabbed onto visible portions of metal blades. An oil might often work just fine.
Drop a few drops of oil on the visible surface. Be extremely cautious while you do so as you might damage the sensitive electronics inside.

Is a loud laptop fan bad?

If your laptop fan is not working properly, you should immediately troubleshoot the problem as this would lead to overheating problems and the ultimate failure of many components inside the laptop. While there is no need to replace the fan, you must clean it off. Apply the tips we have discussed in the article.

Loud fan problem in newer laptops?

Usually, newer laptops don’t have a loud fan problem, but if this is the case with your laptop, the problem might be with your CPU fan. We would suggest you claim the warranty and have the manufacturer replace the fan for you.

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